2023 Hyundai Creta Accessories Price list, New Creta Luxury Modification

Transform your Hyundai Creta into a stylish and functional ride with our wide range of accessories. From sleek alloy wheels and roof racks to all-weather floor mats and chrome accents, we have everything you need to elevate your driving experience. Browse our selection now and give your Creta the upgrade it deserves!

The Hyundai Creta is a compact crossover SUV produced by the South Korean automaker Hyundai since 2014. It is available in various markets around the world under different names, including the Hyundai ix25, Hyundai Cantus, and Hyundai Kona. The Creta boasts a spacious and well-designed interior, a range of fuel-efficient engines, and numerous safety features, making it a popular choice for buyers looking for a practical and reliable SUV. It competes with other compact SUVs such as the Honda HR-V, Toyota C-HR, and Kia Seltos.

Hyundai Creta Accessorie
Hyundai Creta Accessorie

Creta Spare Parts Price List

Front Bumper 1820
Rear Bumper 3393
Bonnet/Hood 7919
Front Windshield Glass 5120
Tail Light (Left or Right) 2602
Front Door (Left or Right) 14517
Rear Door (Left or Right) 13982

Hyundai Creta 2023 Accessories, Modification

The 2023 Hyundai Creta comes with a variety of accessories and modifications that can enhance the overall look and performance of the vehicle. Some popular accessories for the Creta include:

  1. Alloy wheels – These can provide a sporty and stylish appearance while also improving handling and performance.
  2. Roof rails – These can add extra cargo capacity and give the Creta a more rugged, off-road look.
  3. Rear spoiler – A rear spoiler can add a sporty touch to the Creta’s appearance while also improving aerodynamics.
  4. Body side molding – This can protect the Creta’s body from dings and scratches while also adding a sleek look.
  5. Floor mats – Durable and custom-fit floor mats can protect the vehicle’s interior from dirt and debris.
  6. Seat covers – Custom seat covers can protect the Creta’s seats from wear and tear while also adding a personalized touch.
  7. Infotainment system upgrades – Upgrading the Creta’s infotainment system can add features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a larger touchscreen display.

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In terms of modifications, the Creta can be fitted with performance upgrades like upgraded suspension, exhaust systems, and air intake systems to boost power and performance. Additionally, exterior modifications like body kits, custom paint jobs, and LED lighting upgrades can give the Creta a unique and personalized appearance. It’s important to note, however, that modifications may affect the vehicle’s warranty and should be performed by a reputable mechanic or modification specialist.

Hyundai Genuine Accessory Creta Accessory Prices
Basic Accessories
Cabin Mat Rs 1100 (All Weather) / Rs 2600 (Premium)
Boot Mat Rs 650
Mud Flap Rs 245
Car Perfume Rs 275
Body Cover Rs 1550 (Std) / Rs 1800 (Premium)
Steering Grip Rs 650 – 3500
Neck Pillow Rest + Pair of Cushion Rs 2000
Mobile Fast Charger Rs 700
Sunshade (All 4 doors + Rear Windshield) Rs 3670
Car Air Purifier Rs 6000
In Storage Refrigerator – 7 Lit Rs 7000
Door Scuff Plate – Silver Rs 800 / Rs 3500 (if Illuminated)
PU Art Leather Seat Cover with Fitment Labor Charge Rs 6500 to 8000
Leatherette Steering Wheel Cover Rs 400
Chrome Door Cladding Rs 8500
Chrome Cover on Front Fog Light & Rear Fog Light Rs 1400
Chrome on Tail Gate Rs 900
Chrome Front Grille (E, Ex, S) as what available in Creta Sx and Sx Option Rs 10800
Chrome Bumper Corner Protector Rs 1200
Chrome Beading on Window Beltline Rs 1500
Chrome Garnish on Headlight and Taillight Rs 3000
Skid Plate in Front & Rear in Red Finish Rs 15850
Side Foot Step in Red for Easy Ingress & Egress in Seating Rs 14000
ORVM Garnish in Red Accent Rs 780
Sun Door Visor – Smoke Grey – All 4 Doors Rs 1350
Skid Plate in Front & Rear Rs 15850
Rear Reflector Garnish Rs 800
Side Foot Step for Easy Ingress & Egress in Seating Rs 15500
Alloy Wheel – 16 Inch (Set of 4 Alloys) Rs 38K for a Set of 4 Alloys
Philips Xtreme Vision Plus Headlight Bulb Rs 1400
Osram Xenon HID Kit Rs 10500
Door Projector Ghost Light Rs 4500
Special AntiGlare Fim for Front Windshield Rs 12500
Pin Type Gear Shift Lock Not Available
Rear Parcel Tray Rs 2000
Rear View Camera with Display on IRVM Mirror Rs 5500
Sony XAV Ax7000 Touchscreen with Android Auto, Apple car play for Creta E Rs 33000
Tracking Device Rs 10500
3M Antirust Coating Only with 5 yr Warranty Rs 4800
Body Care Package for Antirust & Paint Protection Rs 6500
Hyundai Genuine Accessory Creta Accessory Prices
Steering Mount Control Rs 1700
Power Fold ORVM with LED Turn Indicators and Switch Rs 8500
Fog Light Front both Sides including Relay Rs 2000
Hyundai Genuine Parcel Tray Rs 3200


What are the most popular accessories for the Hyundai Creta?

A: The most popular accessories for the Hyundai Creta include floor mats, seat covers, roof rails, sunroof deflectors, chrome accents, mud flaps, and alloy wheels.

Are there any Hyundai Creta accessories that can improve fuel efficiency?

A: While there aren’t any accessories specifically designed to improve fuel efficiency, you can choose lighter weight accessories like alloy wheels to reduce the weight of your vehicle, which can have a small impact on fuel efficiency.

Can I install a roof rack on my Hyundai Creta?

A: Yes, you can install a roof rack on your Hyundai Creta. There are several options available, including roof rails and crossbars, which can be used to carry a variety of cargo like bikes, skis, or luggage.

What types of floor mats are available for the Hyundai Creta?

A: There are several types of floor mats available for the Hyundai Creta, including carpeted, rubber, and all-weather mats. Carpeted mats provide a more luxurious look and feel, while rubber and all-weather mats are more durable and easy to clean.

Can I install a rear spoiler on my Hyundai Creta?

A: Yes, you can install a rear spoiler on your Hyundai Creta. A rear spoiler can improve aerodynamics and add a sporty look to your vehicle.

Are there any Hyundai Creta accessories that can improve safety?

A: There are several accessories that can improve safety, including blind spot mirrors, parking sensors, and dash cams. Additionally, seat covers can help protect your seats from damage and wear, which can improve safety by preventing distractions while driving.

How do I choose the right Hyundai Creta accessories?

A: When choosing accessories for your Hyundai Creta, consider your needs and preferences. Think about the types of activities you’ll be using your vehicle for, as well as your budget and style preferences. Additionally, make sure to choose high-quality accessories that are designed specifically for your vehicle to ensure a proper fit and maximum durability.


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