Breaking News: New Details Emerge in Alabaster Fatal Crash

An Alabama man has been arrested in connection with a high-speed August crash that killed his own 11-year-old brother.

20-year-old Eldin Ulloa was charged with multiple counts including reckless murder for the wreck in Alabaster last month. According to police, Ulloa was driving over 80 mph in a 45 zone and ran a stop sign before colliding with another car.

New information released in deadly Alabaster wreck

The impact killed his young brother in the passenger seat and injured several others. The extreme nature of the crash scene required calling in the homicide task force to assist.

Investigators say Ulloa showed gross negligence behind the wheel, failing to protect vulnerable passengers. The devastating outcome underscores the need for safe driving to prevent similar tragedies.

While the surviving victims physically recover, deep emotional wounds persist. The family now grapples with the harsh consequences of destructive decisions made in an instant.

For the community still processing this preventable loss, the focus rests on ensuring proper justice is delivered and that no more innocents pay the price again.

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