Scania Buses Price in India, Features, Specs and Competitors

introducing Scania Buses: Where Innovation Meets Exceptional Transportation

Step aboard a world of cutting-edge design, unrivaled comfort, and sustainable solutions with Scania Buses. As a renowned Swedish manufacturer with a rich heritage dating back over a century, Scania has become synonymous with excellence in the transportation industry. From bustling city streets to intercity routes and luxurious coaches, Scania Buses redefine the way we envision modern public transportation.

Immerse yourself in a realm of sleek aesthetics and thoughtful engineering as Scania Buses captivate both the eye and the imagination. With meticulous attention to detail, every aspect of these remarkable vehicles has been carefully crafted to deliver an unforgettable passenger experience. From the moment you step inside, you’re greeted by spacious interiors adorned with premium materials, plush seating, and panoramic windows that invite natural light to cascade throughout the cabin.

But it doesn’t stop at aesthetics. Scania is at the forefront of technological innovation, pioneering advanced features that prioritize safety, efficiency, and sustainability. With a focus on reducing environmental impact, Scania Buses offer a range of engine options, including eco-friendly alternatives like biodiesel and natural gas. These engines not only deliver exceptional performance but also comply with stringent emission standards, ensuring a greener tomorrow for our planet.

Scania Buses Price
Scania Buses Price

Scania Buses price

Scania Bus Model: Scania Interlink

  • Price: Not available (N/A)
  • Specification: 360 horsepower (hp)

Scania Bus Model: Scania Citywide

  • Price: Rs. 1,000,000
  • Specification: Engine capacity of 9291 cc, 250 horsepower (hp)

Scania Bus Model: Scania Touring Bus HD

  • Price: Rs. 1,300,000
  • Specification: 360 horsepower (hp)

Scania Bus Model: Scania Higer A30

  • Price: Not available (N/A)

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Scania Buses Variants

Some of the popular Scania bus variants include:

  1. Scania Citywide: This model is designed for urban transportation, featuring low-floor configurations, spacious interiors, and efficient engines suitable for city commuting.
  2. Scania Interlink: The Scania Interlink is designed for intercity travel, offering a balance of comfort, fuel efficiency, and reliability. It can accommodate a large number of passengers and provides various seating configurations.
  3. Scania Touring: The Scania Touring is a luxury coach designed for long-distance travel. It combines comfort, advanced technology, and safety features to offer a premium travel experience.
  4. Scania Metrolink: The Scania Metrolink is a high-capacity coach primarily used for intercity and long-distance travel. It features a spacious and comfortable interior, advanced safety features, and efficient engines.

Scania Buses Specs

  1. Scania Citywide:
    • Seating capacity: Varies based on configuration (typically ranges from 40 to 100+ seats)
    • Engine: Scania Euro 6 engines (diesel, biodiesel, or natural gas)
    • Transmission: Automatic or manual transmission options
    • Low-floor design for easy boarding and accessibility
    • Spacious interiors with comfortable seating arrangements
    • Advanced safety features such as ABS, ESP, and ADAS
    • Climate control system
    • Audio/video entertainment system
    • Optional features: Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, and wheelchair accessibility
  2. Scania Interlink:
    • Seating capacity: Varies based on configuration (typically ranges from 40 to 60+ seats)
    • Engine: Scania Euro 6 engines (diesel, biodiesel, or natural gas)
    • Transmission: Automatic or manual transmission options
    • Comfortable seating with adjustable features
    • Spacious luggage compartments
    • Accessibility features for passengers with reduced mobility
    • Advanced safety systems
    • Climate control system
    • Entertainment options such as audio/video systems
    • Optional features: Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, and panoramic windows
  3. Scania Touring:
    • Seating capacity: Varies based on configuration (typically ranges from 40 to 60+ seats)
    • Engine: Scania Euro 6 engines (diesel or biodiesel)
    • Transmission: Automatic or manual transmission options
    • Luxurious and comfortable interiors
    • Reclining seats with ample legroom
    • Advanced safety features
    • Onboard entertainment system
    • Climate control system with individual passenger controls
    • Spacious luggage compartments
    • Optional features: Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, panoramic windows, and kitchenette facilities

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Scania Buses Features

  1. Comfortable Interiors: Scania buses offer spacious and well-designed interiors with comfortable seating arrangements, ample legroom, and large windows to enhance passenger comfort and provide a pleasant travel experience.
  2. Advanced Safety Systems: Scania prioritizes passenger safety and equips their buses with advanced safety features such as ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), ESP (Electronic Stability Program), traction control, and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) to ensure optimal control, stability, and collision prevention.
  3. Efficient Engines: Scania buses are powered by efficient and environmentally friendly engines. They offer a range of engine options, including diesel, biodiesel, and natural gas engines, which are designed to deliver optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and comply with stringent emission standards.
  4. Accessibility Features: Scania buses incorporate accessibility features to accommodate passengers with reduced mobility. This includes features like low-floor design, wheelchair ramps or lifts, priority seating, and designated spaces for wheelchair users.
  5. Climate Control: Scania buses feature climate control systems to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin, ensuring a pleasant journey for passengers in various weather conditions.
  6. Entertainment and Connectivity: Many Scania buses are equipped with audio/video entertainment systems to enhance the passenger experience. Optional features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, USB charging ports, and multimedia screens may be available to provide entertainment and connectivity options.
  7. Driver Assistance and Fleet Management: Scania buses may include advanced driver assistance systems to aid the driver in maintaining safe driving practices. Additionally, Scania offers fleet management solutions that utilize telematics and connectivity to optimize vehicle performance, monitor fuel efficiency, track maintenance schedules, and improve overall operational efficiency.
  8. Eco-friendly Solutions: Scania is committed to sustainability and offers eco-friendly solutions in their buses. They focus on reducing emissions, promoting alternative fuels, and implementing energy-efficient technologies to minimize the environmental impact of their vehicles.

Scania Buses Competitors

  1. Volvo Buses: Volvo Buses, a subsidiary of the Volvo Group, is a major competitor for Scania. They offer a wide range of bus models, including city buses, intercity buses, and coaches, with a focus on safety, efficiency, and sustainability.
  2. Mercedes-Benz Buses: Mercedes-Benz is a well-known manufacturer of buses and coaches globally. Their buses are recognized for their quality, luxury, and advanced features, catering to both urban and long-distance transportation needs.
  3. MAN Truck & Bus: MAN Truck & Bus, a subsidiary of the Traton Group, is a prominent competitor in the bus industry. They produce a variety of buses, including city buses, intercity buses, and coaches, emphasizing efficiency, technology, and safety.
  4. Irizar: Irizar is a Spanish bus manufacturer known for its innovative and stylish bus designs. They offer a range of buses, including electric buses, with a focus on sustainability and passenger comfort.
  5. BYD: BYD is a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in electric buses. They are recognized for their advanced electric bus technology, including battery and charging solutions, and have a strong presence in the global market.
  6. Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL): ADL is a prominent bus manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. They specialize in double-decker buses and offer a range of models known for their durability, efficiency, and innovative design.

How to book Online Scania Buses?

To book Scania buses online, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Visit Scania’s Official Website: Go to Scania’s official website specific to your country or region. Look for the section dedicated to buses or public transportation.
  2. Browse Bus Models and Features: Explore the available Scania bus models, specifications, features, and pricing information. This will help you select the most suitable bus for your requirements.
  3. Contact Scania Dealership: Use the contact information provided on the website to reach out to the authorized Scania dealership in your area. They will have the most accurate and up-to-date information on availability, pricing, and booking procedures.
  4. Consult with Sales Representatives: Speak to the sales representatives at the Scania dealership. Discuss your specific needs, desired bus configuration, optional features, and any customization requirements you may have. They can guide you through the booking process and provide further assistance.
  5. Provide Required Information: During the booking process, you will likely be asked to provide information such as your contact details, company or organization information (if applicable), desired delivery timeframe, and payment details.
  6. Finalize the Booking: Once you have discussed the details and confirmed your order with the dealership, you may need to sign relevant documents or agreements and make the necessary payment or deposit to secure the booking.
  7. Delivery and After-Sales Support: After the booking is confirmed, the dealership will guide you through the delivery process, including estimated delivery timeframes and any required documentation. They can also assist you with after-sales support, such as maintenance, spare parts, and technical assistance.

Scania Buses FAQs

Q: What types of buses does Scania manufacture?

A: Scania manufactures a wide range of buses, including city buses, intercity buses, coaches, and specialty buses for various transportation needs.

Q: Are Scania buses environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, Scania is committed to sustainability and offers buses with environmentally friendly features. They provide engines that comply with stringent emission standards and offer options for alternative fuels like biodiesel and natural gas.

Q: Where can I buy Scania buses?

A: Scania buses can be purchased through authorized Scania dealerships. You can find the nearest dealership by visiting Scania’s official website or contacting their regional offices.

Q: Can I customize my Scania bus?

A: Yes, Scania offers customization options for their buses. You can work with the authorized dealership to discuss your specific requirements, such as seating configurations, interior features, and optional equipment.

Q: Are Scania buses equipped with safety features?

A: Yes, Scania buses are equipped with advanced safety features to ensure passenger and driver safety. These features may include ABS, ESP, traction control, and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Q: How can I get technical support or spare parts for my Scania bus?

A: Scania provides technical support and spare parts through their authorized dealerships. You can contact your local Scania dealership for assistance regarding technical issues, maintenance, and spare parts.

Q: Does Scania offer financing options for bus purchases?

A: Scania may offer financing options or leasing arrangements for bus purchases. You can inquire about financing options and discuss them with the authorized Scania dealership.

Q: Are there training programs available for bus operators and maintenance personnel?

A: Yes, Scania provides training programs for bus operators and maintenance personnel. These programs aim to enhance knowledge and skills related to operating and maintaining Scania buses.


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