MG Hector Resilient Build Quality Evident in Real-Life Collisions Despite Absence of Global NCAP Testing

As road networks continue to expand, disregard for mandated safety rules has led to a surge in serious accidents. Violations such as wrong-way driving, speeding, intoxicated driving, fatigue, and reckless behavior are common factors contributing to these incidents.

A recent case involves a high-speed collision between an over-speeding bus and an MG Hector SUV in Kerala, India. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in the accident, and the entire event was captured on camera, aiding potential legal actions against the responsible party.

Perilous Overtaking Attempt The captured video depicts a bus engaging in a risky overtaking maneuver. The bus driver realized too late that such a maneuver would result in a collision with an oncoming vehicle. Reacting swiftly, the MG Hector driver managed to bring the SUV to a complete stop. Nevertheless, the bus collided head-on with the MG Hector, causing significant impact and dragging the SUV along the road for approximately 10 meters.

Despite the severity of the collision, the MG Hector exhibited remarkable resilience. The head-on impact left the windshield and windows intact, and all pillars remained undamaged. While the bonnet, grille, and headlamps absorbed the brunt of the bus’s force, the rest of the SUV remained unscathed. Notably, the occupants emerged without any harm, a testament to Hector’s robust design.

MG Hector Resilient Build Quality Evident in Real-Life Collisions Despite Absence of Global NCAP Testing-

Hector’s Superior Engineering Hector’s robust structural design played a crucial role in ensuring occupant safety. Featuring a reinforced structure with components such as hot-stamped B pillars, high-strength steel usage, thick door panels, and roll-formed tubular steel door beams, the SUV’s fortified framework absorbed and minimized the collision’s impact.

Additionally, Hector boasts an array of safety features, including six airbags, 3-point seatbelts, and Electronic Stability Program (ESP), further contributing to the protection of occupants.

Previous Incidents Highlight Hector’s Durability This incident is not the first instance demonstrating Hector’s protective capabilities. In a collision last December, an MG Hector collided head-on with a tractor. Despite the SUV’s speed of around 100 kmph (62 mph), eyewitnesses reported that the tractor unexpectedly entered the wrong side of the road, leading to a forceful collision that split the tractor into two parts.

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In this collision as well, Hector’s construction showcased its sturdiness. Despite significant damage, including the complete detachment of the front left wheel, the rest of the SUV remained structurally intact. The deployment of airbags ensured the safety of the occupants, highlighting Hector’s robust engineering.

While awaiting external crash testing from Global NCAP, these real-life incidents underscore the MG Hector’s ability to withstand high-speed collisions and prioritize occupant safety.


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