A Convertible Car With Retractable Hardtop is Called

A retractable hardtop, also referred to as a “coupé convertible” or “coupé cabriolet,” is a car with a self-storing hardtop that automatically operates to open and close. This differs from traditional convertible cars that use a manually folded soft textile roof. The retractable hardtop provides the benefits of a rigid roof for weather protection and chassis rigidity along with the ability to quickly retract it for open-air driving.

An example of a car featuring this design is the Volvo C70, which has an electrically powered retractable hardtop that folds into the trunk space at the push of a button. This innovation allows drivers to enjoy the versatility of both a coupe and a convertible in one vehicle. The retractable hardtop combines the strengths of both styles – the security of a hardtop roof and the thrill of open-top motoring.

a convertible car with retractable hardtop is called-

What Do You Call a Car With a Retractable Roof?

A convertible, also known as a cabriolet, is a passenger vehicle that can be operated with or without a roof. Convertibles allow the roof to be retracted and stowed away, providing an open-air driving experience. The methods for retracting and storing the convertible roof vary across different time periods and automobile manufacturers. Some use manual folding soft tops while others feature power-operated retractable hardtops.

Despite the differences in how the roof is lowered and tucked away, convertibles offer drivers the option of open-top driving while still providing a roof for inclement weather when desired. This roof versatility and adaptability has made convertibles an enduring and popular body style for the thrill of wind-in-your-hair motoring.

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