Mercedes-Benz CLA Concept Price – Concept CLA Class Heralds New Generation

The anticipated base price for the 2024 Mercedes-Benz CLA is projected to be approximately $42,000 according to estimates. This starting price point would be for the entry-level CLA 250 variant with a front-wheel drive configuration. While not officially confirmed yet, industry experts predict the new CLA will retail for around $42,000 to start when it arrives, delivering an accessible gateway into the Mercedes lineup. This price tag would get buyers into the turbocharged four-cylinder CLA 250 as the most affordable model in the range, presenting an intriguing option for premium compact sedan shoppers. Final pricing details will be announced closer to the 2024 CLA’s launch.

Mercedes-Benz Concept Cla Class Will Preview a New Generation of Cars

Mercedes-Benz will unveil the Concept CLA Class at the upcoming Munich Auto Show, previewing the future design direction for a new generation of compact models.

Mercedes-Benz CLA Concept-

An initial teaser image reveals the concept’s futuristic styling, including an oval grille, light bar, and semi-circle LED accents. Mercedes design boss Ola Källenius confirmed the Concept CLA rides on the new MMA architecture that will underpin production compact cars.

While powertrain details are still scarce, Mercedes states the concept features an “ultra-efficient” electric platform related to the Vision EQXX unveiled earlier this year. The Vision EQXX concept car delivered an astonishing 747 miles on a single charge from Stuttgart to Silverstone, demonstrating the possibilities of maximizing efficiency.

The Concept CLA will also debut MB.OS, a new Mercedes operating system. Interior images haven’t been revealed yet, but the Vision EQXX’s minimalist cabin with a full-width screen could influence the concept’s interior.

The production version inspired by the Concept CLA is rumored to arrive in 2024 as an electric compact model. Mercedes will release more details on the forward-looking Concept CLA Class during the Munich show. For now, it provides an exciting glimpse of the brand’s future compact car designs enabled by the new MMA platform and EQXX efficiency technology.

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