Norfolk Police Pull Over Car With Bull Riding Shotgun

A man driving a full-sized bull named Howdy Doody in his car was pulled over by police in Nebraska on Wednesday after a stunned onlooker reported the odd sight, authorities said.

Officers in Norfolk, about 120 miles northwest of Omaha, were dispatched at 10:05 a.m. CDT answering a call for a “vehicle with a cow inside” rolling through town, police records showed.

Car with giant bull named Howdy Doody crammed into passenger seat pulled over by Nebraska police
A bull with large horns standing on the back of a white car parked on the side of the road. The car has a sign that says “best car rental.”

Police assumed the bovine passenger would be a small calf, but what they came upon near the corner of West Norfolk Avenue and North 13th Street was a full-sized bull riding shotgun in a Ford Crown Victoria.

The car’s roof on the passenger side had been removed so the animal could fit.

Howdy Doody is apparently a regular attraction at parades and fairs throughout the Cornhusker State and police just asked the driver to be careful and keep moving.

This unusual traffic stop gave police an unexpected surprise when they found a full-grown bull riding along in the car. The odd sight certainly turned some heads before authorities sent the bull and his driver safely on their way.

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