Chaos on the Road: Truck Overturns in Joplin After Two-Vehicle Collision

Joplin, Missouri – A two-car collision on Sunday evening in downtown Joplin resulted in a rollover crash that sent two juveniles to the hospital.

The accident occurred just before 5:00 p.m. at the intersection of 4th and Main Streets, near Spiva Park. According to the Joplin Police Department, one vehicle was traveling north on Main while the second was going west on 4th when the collision took place.

One of the vehicles overturned upon impact. Fortunately, no injuries were reported for the occupants of that rollover vehicle. However, two juvenile passengers in the other car involved were transported to a nearby hospital for observation.

Truck overturns after two-vehicle crash in Joplin

Authorities did not specify which vehicle failed to yield or caused the downtown crash. The events leading up to the intersection collision are still under investigation by Joplin police.

Despite one vehicle rolling over, no serious injuries resulted from the two-car crash on Sunday evening. The juveniles taken to the hospital appear to have avoided major harm as well.

Police are still piecing together the exact circumstances surrounding the downtown Joplin collision and rollover accident. They continue to look into which vehicle was at fault in the 4th and Main intersection crash.

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