Princeton Mayor Mark Freda Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Role in Fatal Car Crash

The mayor of Princeton, New Jersey is being sued over his alleged role in a 2021 high-speed chase that ended in a deadly two-car collision.

Mark Freda, who also heads the local emergency squad, purportedly activated his vehicle’s emergency lights and pursued a stolen car being driven by a 15-year-old. The teen’s vehicle ultimately crashed into another driven by 61-year-old Rutgers official Jodi Marcou, killing both drivers.

Princeton Mayor Mark Freda sued for alleged involvement in deadly car crash

Marcou’s family filed a lawsuit claiming Freda bears responsibility for improperly engaging in the high-speed pursuit, conflicting with policies for mayors and emergency personnel. Their lawyer contends Freda exercised poor judgment by chasing the stolen vehicle with his blue light activated.

The civil complaint alleges Freda should have known his actions could initiate a dangerous response from the fleeing driver. While few details can be disclosed, the lawyer said their probe shows Freda had significant involvement.

For the family of the deceased woman, the goal is accountability. But for Freda, his political career and reputation are now tied to a tragic night that ended in two deaths. The eventual outcome in court may shape the perception of the sitting mayor’s conduct when seconds mattered most.

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