Dubai Man Tests iPhone 15 Durability by Driving Lamborghini Over It

A reckless stunt video has gone viral showing a man intentionally driving a Lamborghini sports car over a brand new iPhone 15.

In the YouTube clip, a crowd cheers as the expensive smartphone is placed directly in front of the Lamborghini’s front tire while still in its retail box. Shockingly, the driver proceeds to roll the car right over the device.

Miraculously, the iPhone remains functional after being crushed under the tire, as the man shows it powering on afterwards. However, intentionally damaging a $1000 phone in this manner is extremely ill-advised.

Videos like this aim to gain social media attention, but should not be replicated. Intentionally damaging expensive electronics for online fame encourages dangerous trends.

While the iPhone demonstrated impressive durability, users should not test electronics in this hazardous way. Reckless stunts like driving over phones can result in injury or property damage. Viewers are warned against mimicking dangerous online behavior solely for increased views or popularity.

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