Mahindra’s Electric Vehicle Lineup: Unveiling Exciting Future Innovations

Mahindra is making significant strides in the automotive sector, and the company is gearing up to unveil several exciting products in the near future. One of the highlights is the upcoming launch of its electric vehicle lineup under two banners – XUV-e and BE. Among these, the BE.05 has been spotted undergoing various tests.

Recently, the design patent for the electric version of the XUV700 surfaced, hinting at the arrival of an electric powertrain in the near future. While the upcoming electric SUV might be hidden beneath the body of the regular ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) XUV700 prototype, details about its features and specifications remain undisclosed. However, it is known that Mahindra is diligently working on a dedicated skateboard architecture.

This modular EV platform will serve as the foundation for various models across different price segments, showcasing Mahindra’s commitment to electric mobility. Exciting developments are on the horizon as Mahindra prepares for a grand event in Cape Town, South Africa, where two concept vehicles will take center stage. The first is a pickup truck concept based on the Scorpio N, while the second is the concept form of the eagerly anticipated Thar EV.

Mahindra's Electric Vehicle Lineup-

As the anticipation builds, Mahindra has released an intriguing 18-second teaser video for the Thar-e (Thar EV). The video showcases distinctive and futuristic design elements, leaving fans eager to learn more about the electric off-roader before its official launch.

The vehicle’s design is highlighted by rectangular LED headlamps, exuding a sense of modernity and featuring the Thar-e badge. Similarly, the taillamps are expected to follow a similar design language, though further details about whether they are LED panels or conventionally designed LED lights remain to be revealed.

Furthermore, Mahindra’s commitment to electric vehicles is not limited to retrofitting existing ladder-frame chassis. The Thar-e, in particular, might see the implementation of an entirely new platform (base), offering enhanced capabilities for the electric version.

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Beyond the Thar-e and other exciting electric offerings, Mahindra is also set to make a global debut of the Oja Tractor Platform in South Africa on August 15. The launch event will feature seven tractor models, representing the brand’s dedication to sustainable agriculture and future-oriented technologies.


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