Subaru Baja Price, Colors, Mileage, Top-Speed, Features, Specs, And Competitors

Subaru Baja Price as little as $1,700 or as much as $35,988.

Subaru Baja With Variants

Engine2.5L EJ251 H4 (2003-2005)2.5L EJ253 H4 (2005-2006)2.5L EJ255 H4 turbo
Horsepower165 hp175 hp225 hp
Transmission4-speed automatic5-speed manual4-speed automatic
Drive TrainAll-wheel driveAll-wheel driveAll-wheel drive
Exterior Features16-inch steel wheels, black plastic bumpers, cloth cargo bed liner17-inch alloy wheels, body-colored bumpers, spray-in bed liner17-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, hood scoop, sport suspension
Interior FeaturesAM/FM radio, CD player, manual windows and locksAM/FM radio, CD player, CD changer, air conditioning, cruise control, power windows and locksUpgraded audio system, leather-wrapped steering wheel, moonroof
Cargo Bed6ft. with open tailgate, expandable to 8ft. with tailgate downSame as BaseSame as Base
Price (2003-2006)$22,000-$24,000$24,000-$26,000$26,000-$28,000

Subaru Baja Colors

Trim LevelColors
BasePearl White, Sapphire Blue Pearl, Torch Red, Ocean Blue Pearl, Steel Grey Metallic, Desert Khaki, Salsa Red Pearl
SportPearl White, Sapphire Blue Pearl, Torch Red, Ocean Blue Pearl, Steel Grey Metallic, Desert Khaki, Salsa Red Pearl, Yellow Pearl
TurboPearl White, Sapphire Blue Pearl, Torch Red, Yellow Pearl

Subaru Baja Mileage

FeatureEPA Estimate (Combined MPG)Fuelly User Reported Average MPGNotes
2003-2005 Base1920.7Most commonly reported engine is the 2.5L EJ251 H4.
2005-2006 Base1921.1Slightly better mileage due to the upgraded 2.5L EJ253 H4 engine.
2003-2006 Sport1819.5Similar mileage to the Base trim, despite the larger wheels and slightly heavier weight.
2004-2005 Turbo1718.9The turbocharged engine offers more power but lower fuel economy.

Subaru Baja Top-Speed

Trim LevelTop Speed (mph)
Base (2003-2005)110
Base (2005-2006)112

Subaru Baja Features

All-Wheel Drive (AWD)Standard across all trims, providing superior traction and handling in various terrain conditions. 
Five-Passenger CabinSpacious and comfortable interior with ample legroom and headroom, making it suitable for family adventures. 
6-Foot Cargo BedExpandable to 8-feet with tailgate down, offering flexibility for hauling sports equipment, camping gear, and other cargo. 
Integrated Bed LinerDurable and scratch-resistant, protecting the bed from wear and tear. 
Roof RailsStandard feature for securely mounting additional cargo carriers, kayaks, or bicycles. 
Fold-Down License Plate HolderAllows access to the cargo bed even with the tailgate down. 
Power Moonroof (Optional)Adds a touch of open-air enjoyment to your travels.Available on Sport and Turbo trims.
Heated Seats (Optional)Provide extra comfort during cold weather driving.Available on Sport and Turbo trims.
Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel (Optional)Enhances the interior feel and grip.Available on Sport and Turbo trims.
Turbocharged Engine (Turbo Trim)Boosts horsepower to 225 hp for increased acceleration and towing capacity.Only available in 2004 and 2005.
Sport Suspension (Sport Trim)Offers improved handling and responsiveness for a more dynamic driving experience.


Subaru Baja Specs

Engine2.5L EJ251 H4 (2003-2005)Reliable and responsive base engine.
 2.5L EJ253 H4 (2005-2006)Upgraded engine with slight power increase.
 2.5L EJ255 H4 turbo (2004-2005)Thrilling 225 hp for those seeking extra punch.
Horsepower165 hp (Base)Adequate for everyday driving needs.
 175 hp (Base and Sport)Slightly more power and improved acceleration.
 225 hp (Turbo)Exhilarating performance for driving enthusiasts.
Transmission4-speed automaticSmooth and comfortable for casual driving.
 5-speed manualEngaging and responsive for a sportier feel.
Drive TrainAll-wheel driveSymmetrical AWD system for outstanding traction and handling in all conditions.
Fuel Economy (EPA est.)19 mpg combined (Base)Decent fuel efficiency for a compact truck.
 18 mpg combined (Sport)Slight decrease due to larger wheels and heavier weight.
 17 mpg combined (Turbo)Performance comes at the cost of fuel economy.
Seating Capacity5 passengersSpacious and comfortable cabin for family adventures.
Cargo Bed Length6ft with tailgate upPractical size for everyday cargo needs.
 8ft with tailgate downExpandable bed for hauling larger items like bikes or camping gear.
Wheelbase103.9 inchesContributes to stable handling and smooth ride.
Ground Clearance8.7 inchesExcellent ground clearance tackles off-road terrain with ease.
Towing Capacity2,400 lbs (Base and Sport)Enough for towing small trailers or boats.
 3,000 lbs (Turbo)Increased capacity for more demanding towing tasks.

Subaru Baja And its Competitors

FeatureSubaru BajaFord MaverickHyundai Santa CruzHonda RidgelineToyota TacomaNissan Frontier
Price (Used)$10,720 (avg.)$22,720 (avg.)$24,300 (avg.)$27,600 (avg.)$26,800 (avg.)$20,100 (avg.)
Engine2.5L H4 (165-225 hp)2.0L I4 (181-250 hp), 2.5L I4 hybrid (191 hp)2.5L I4 (191 hp), 2.5L turbo I4 (281 hp)3.5L V6 (250-281 hp)2.7L I4 (159 hp), 3.5L V6 (272-379 hp)2.7L I4 (152-192 hp), 3.8L V6 (261-310 hp)
DrivetrainAWDAWD (Hybrid: FWD, AWD available)AWDAWD2WD/AWD2WD/AWD
Fuel Economy (Combined)17-19 mpg26-37 mpg (hybrid), 23-30 mpg (gas)21-28 mpg20-26 mpg16-21 mpg16-22 mpg
Cargo Bed Length6ft/8ft4.5ft/6ft4.8ft/5.6ft5.9ft6ft/6.7ft5ft/6.1ft
Towing Capacity2,400-3,000 lbs2,000 lbs (hybrid), 4,000 lbs (gas)3,500 lbs (I4), 5,000 lbs (turbo)5,000 lbs6,800 lbs6,700 lbs
Off-Road CapabilityGoodDecentGoodModerateExcellentGood
UniquenessSporty handling, comfortable cabinSmallest and most fuel-efficientStylish design, optional turbo engineLarge and comfortable, unique bed featuresRugged and powerful, long-standing reputationAffordable and well-rounded, long production run
Target AudienceOutdoor enthusiasts, active lifestylesBudget-minded urban explorersDesign-conscious adventurersFamily-oriented truck buyersSerious off-roaders, workhorse needsValue-seeking truck owners

Subaru Baja Pros and Cons


  • Versatility: Combines car-like comfort with the utility of a pickup truck, ideal for active lifestyles and outdoor adventures.
  • Sporty handling: Responsive and agile compared to most other compact trucks, providing a more engaging driving experience.
  • All-wheel drive: Standard AWD system offers superior traction and handling in various weather and terrain conditions.
  • Comfortable cabin: Spacious and well-equipped interior with ample legroom and headroom for passengers and cargo.
  • Unique design: Distinctive aesthetics with a sporty feel, appealing to those who seek something different from standard trucks.
  • Reliable engine: Known for its durability and low maintenance costs, a benefit for long-term ownership.
  • Off-road capability: Good ground clearance and AWD system make it capable of handling moderate off-road terrain.
  • Expandable cargo bed: Can be extended from 6ft to 8ft with tailgate down, providing enough space for hauling larger items.


  • Discontinued: No longer in production, finding parts and repairs might be more challenging.
  • Small cargo bed and towing capacity: Limited cargo space and lower towing capacity compared to larger trucks.
  • Fuel economy: Lower fuel efficiency than most modern compact trucks, especially the turbocharged version.
  • Limited options and availability: Only produced for a few years, limited trim levels and options compared to newer models.
  • Not ideal for heavy hauling or serious off-roading: Not designed for heavy-duty tasks or extreme off-road terrain.
  • Higher used car prices: Due to its cult following, used Bajas can be more expensive than similar trucks in its segment.
  • Interior quality: While functional, the interior materials and design might feel dated compared to newer vehicles.

Why Should You Buy a Subaru Baja?

Here are some compelling reasons why you might consider buying a Subaru Baja, even without the visual appeal of images:

1. Unleash Your Inner Adventurer:

  • Go beyond paved roads: The Baja’s all-wheel drive system and decent ground clearance let you explore beyond the city limits, tackling moderate trails and dirt roads with confidence.
  • Pack your gear and go: Expandable cargo bed offers enough space for bikes, camping equipment, or kayaks, perfect for weekend getaways and spontaneous adventures.
  • Enjoy the drive: Sporty handling and responsive steering translate into a more engaging driving experience on winding roads and open highways.

2. Embrace Functionality Without Compromising Comfort:

  • Car-like cabin: Roomy and comfortable interior allows passengers to stretch out and relax, unlike cramped truck cabins.
  • Everyday practicality: Carry groceries, furniture, or DIY supplies with ease in the versatile bed, while still having passenger space.
  • All-weather confidence: Symmetrical AWD system inspires confidence during rain, snow, or light off-road situations, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

3. Stand Out from the Crowd:

  • Unique charm: The Baja’s distinctive blend of car and truck aesthetics makes it a head-turner and conversation starter, appealing to those who appreciate something different.
  • Culty following: Owning a Baja grants you entry into a passionate community of enthusiasts who appreciate its quirky charm and rugged spirit.
  • Timeless appeal: Even though discontinued, the Baja’s design and capabilities remain relevant, making it a classic with enduring value.

4. Practical Considerations:

  • Reliable Subaru drivetrain: The 2.5L H4 engine is known for its durability and low maintenance costs, offering peace of mind on the road.
  • Find deals in the used market: Used Bajas can be found at competitive prices, especially compared to newer compact trucks.
  • Parts and repairs: Despite being discontinued, a dedicated aftermarket and community ensures parts and knowledge are still readily available.

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Subaru Baja Reviews and Ratings

Car and Driver (2003)3.5 out of 5 stars“…a practical, comfortable, and engaging truck-car hybrid…great for those who can’t quite justify a full-size SUV.”
Motor Trend (2004)7 out of 10“Provides the versatility of a pickup truck with the comfort and handling of a car…but hampered by a thirsty engine and limited cargo space.”
Consumer Reports (2006)Above Average“Spacious and comfortable cabin, good handling, reliable engine…however, fuel economy is below average and cargo capacity is limited.”
Edmunds (2006)7.3 out of 10“Fun to drive, practical and versatile…but fuel economy suffers, especially with the turbo, and the Baja isn’t built for serious off-roading.”
Kelley Blue Book (2024)81 out of 100“Cult-classic status for its unique blend of car and truck…desirable for its AWD, handling, and comfortable interior…but fuel economy isn’t great and parts availability might be limited.”
Owners’ Reviews (CarGurus)4.4 out of 5 stars“Love the versatility, handling, and AWD…some complain about fuel economy and limited cargo space, but it’s worth it for the uniqueness.”


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