2025 RAM 1500 REV Price, Colors, Mileage, Top-Speed, Features, Specs, And Competitors

Ram 1500 REV will start around $58,000 for the base Tradesman trim.

RAM 1500 REV Price in US With Variants

Trim LevelEstimated Starting PriceKey Features
Tradesman$58,000Base model, standard range battery (350 miles), 168 kW-hr battery, 118 HP motor, towing capacity of 8,000 lbs, payload capacity of 1,500 lbs
Big Horn/Lone Star$62,000Upgrades over Tradesman: heated seats, remote start, power sunroof, larger touchscreen
Laramie$70,000Further upgrades: leather seats, upgraded sound system, driver-assistance features
Limited$78,000Luxury features: premium leather, heated/ventilated seats, panoramic sunroof, surround-view camera
Tungsten$90,000Top-of-the-line: 229 kW-hr battery (500 miles), 201 HP motor, towing capacity of 14,000 lbs, payload capacity of 2,700 lbs, 23-speaker Klipsch audio system

RAM 1500 REV Colors

CategorySolid ColorsMetallic ColorsPearl-Coat Colors
BaseBright WhiteDelmonico BlackBright Silver Metallic
Mid-RangeAnvil GrayGranite Crystal MetallicHydro Blue Pearl
PremiumPatriot Blue CrystalTungsten Gray MetallicRhino Pearl
LimitedIgnition OrangeBaja Sand Beige MetallicBright White Pearl

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RAM 1500 REV Mileage

Trim LevelBattery PackEPA-Estimated Range (miles)City Range (miles)Highway Range (miles)
TradesmanStandard (168 kW-hr)350270440
Big Horn/Lone StarStandard (168 kW-hr)350270440
LaramieStandard (168 kW-hr)350270440
LimitedStandard (168 kW-hr)350270440
TungstenOptional Large (229 kW-hr)500370640

RAM 1500 REV Top-Speed

Trim LevelEstimated Top Speed (mph)
Big Horn/Lone Star118

RAM 1500 REV Features

FeatureTradesmanBig Horn/Lone StarLaramieLimitedTungsten
* Max. horsepower654 hp654 hp654 hp654 hp654 hp
* 0-60 mph4.4 seconds4.4 seconds4.4 seconds4.4 seconds4.4 seconds
* Range – Standard Battery350 miles350 miles350 miles350 miles350 miles
* Range – Optional Large Battery500 miles
* Towing Capacity8,000 lbs8,000 lbs8,000 lbs8,000 lbs14,000 lbs
* Payload Capacity1,500 lbs1,500 lbs1,500 lbs1,500 lbs2,700 lbs
* LED headlights and taillights
* Power-folding mirrors
* Panoramic sunroof
* 17-inch wheels (standard)
* 20-inch wheels (optional)
* 22-inch wheels (optional)
* Cloth seats
* Heated seats
* Leather seats
* Heated/ventilated seats
* 8.4-inch touchscreen (base)
* 12-inch touchscreen (optional)
* 14.5-inch dual touchscreens (optional)
* 9-speaker sound system
* 12-speaker sound system
* 19-speaker Klipsch sound system
* 23-speaker Klipsch sound system
* Apple CarPlay / Android Auto
* Wi-Fi hotspot
* Adaptive cruise control
* Lane departure warning
* Blind spot monitoring
* Automatic emergency braking
* Surround-view camera
* Hands-free driving assist

RAM 1500 REV Specs

FeatureTradesmanBig Horn/Lone StarLaramieLimitedTungsten
EngineDual Electric MotorsDual Electric MotorsDual Electric MotorsDual Electric MotorsDual Electric Motors
Horsepower654 hp654 hp654 hp654 hp654 hp
Torque620 lb-ft620 lb-ft620 lb-ft620 lb-ft620 lb-ft
TransmissionSingle-speed GearboxSingle-speed GearboxSingle-speed GearboxSingle-speed GearboxSingle-speed Gearbox
Battery Capacity (Standard)168 kW-hr168 kW-hr168 kW-hr168 kW-hr168 kW-hr
Battery Capacity (Optional)229 kW-hr
Range (Standard Battery)350 miles350 miles350 miles350 miles350 miles
Range (Optional Large Battery)500 miles
0-60 mph Acceleration4.4 seconds4.4 seconds4.4 seconds4.4 seconds4.4 seconds
Top Speed118 mph118 mph118 mph118 mph125 mph
Towing Capacity8,000 lbs8,000 lbs8,000 lbs8,000 lbs14,000 lbs
Payload Capacity1,500 lbs1,500 lbs1,500 lbs1,500 lbs2,700 lbs
Drive SystemAll-wheel DriveAll-wheel DriveAll-wheel DriveAll-wheel DriveAll-wheel Drive
Ground Clearance24 inches24 inches24 inches24 inches24 inches
Wheels (Standard)17-inch17-inch
Wheels (Optional)20-inch20-inch20-inch20-inch22-inch
Seating MaterialClothClothLeatherLeatherLeather
Touchscreen (Base)8.4-inch8.4-inch
Touchscreen (Optional)12-inch12-inch12-inch12-inch14.5-inch (dual)
Sound System (Base)9-speaker9-speaker
Sound System (Optional)12-speaker12-speaker12-speaker19-speaker Klipsch23-speaker Klipsch

RAM 1500 REV And its Competitors

FeatureRAM 1500 REV (Image)Ford F-150 Lightning (Image)Rivian R1T (Image)Chevrolet Silverado EV (Image)GMC Sierra EV (Image)
Starting Price$58,000 (estimated)$39,974$73,000$72,905$107,000
Range (Base Battery)350 miles240 miles314 miles400 miles400 miles
Range (Optional Large Battery)500 miles320 miles401 milesN/AN/A
Horsepower654 hp460 hp (Extended Range)835 hp (Quad Motor)420 hp (Work Truck)557 hp (Work Truck)
Torque620 lb-ft780 lb-ft (Extended Range)1,125 lb-ft (Quad Motor)460 lb-ft (Work Truck)747 lb-ft (Work Truck)
Towing Capacity8,000 lbs (Standard)7,700 lbs11,000 lbs8,800 lbs9,500 lbs
Payload Capacity1,500 lbs (Standard)2,120 lbs1,760 lbs1,870 lbs2,200 lbs
Key Features14.5-inch dual touchscreens (Tungsten trim), 23-speaker Klipsch sound system (Tungsten trim), standard powered frunk, 500-mile range option10.1-inch touchscreen, Pro Power onboard generator, Mega Power Frunk, available BlueCruise hands-free driving14.9-inch touchscreen, Gear Tunnel storage, Driver+ advanced safety features, off-road capabilitySuper Cruise hands-free driving, 17-inch LCD instrument cluster, up to 206.7 cu ft of cargo space, four-wheel steeringSuper Cruise hands-free driving, 16.8-inch touchscreen, up to 207.4 cu ft of cargo space, four-wheel steering

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RAM 1500 REV Pros and Cons


  • Impressive Range: With its optional 500-mile battery, the RAM 1500 REV boasts one of the longest ranges in the electric pickup truck market, reducing range anxiety for long journeys.
  • Strong Towing and Hauling: Despite being electric, the REV offers competitive towing capacity (up to 14,000 lbs) and payload capacity (up to 2,700 lbs) compared to gas-powered rivals, making it a capable workhorse.
  • Luxurious Features: The top-of-the-line Tungsten trim levels offer upscale amenities like 23-speaker Klipsch sound system, dual 14.5-inch touchscreens, and heated/ventilated seats, appealing to buyers seeking a comfortable and technologically advanced truck.
  • Unique Design: While it retains the recognizable RAM truck silhouette, the REV’s modern design elements like hidden headlights and a sleek profile stand out in the market.
  • Fast Acceleration: With 654 horsepower and an electric motor’s instant torque, the REV promises exhilarating acceleration, particularly in the Tungsten trim with its 125 mph top speed.


  • Starting Price: While still an estimate, the RAM 1500 REV’s starting price of $58,000 is higher than some established competitors like the Ford F-150 Lightning.
  • Uncertain Availability: With a launch date in late 2024, early buyers may face long wait times and initial limited availability.
  • Limited Info on Base Trims: Information on features and specifications for lower trim levels is still scarce, making it difficult for budget-conscious buyers to compare options.
  • Unproven Reliability: As a brand new model, the REV’s long-term reliability and potential maintenance costs remain unknown compared to established players in the truck market.
  • Potential for Higher Running Costs: While electric trucks offer savings on fuel, depending on electricity rates in your area, charging costs could potentially be higher than refueling a gas-powered truck.

Why Should You Buy a RAM 1500 REV?

Here are some compelling reasons why you might consider buying a RAM 1500 REV:

Long-Range Freedom:

  • Conquer range anxiety with the optional 500-mile battery, one of the longest in the electric pickup truck market. This translates to fewer charging stops and greater road trip flexibility.

Powerful Workhorse:

  • Don’t compromise capability when going electric. The REV offers impressive towing capacity (up to 14,000 lbs) and payload capacity (up to 2,700 lbs), making it a true workhorse for hauling and towing needs.

Luxurious Comfort:

  • Upgrade your truck experience with top-of-the-line Tungsten trim features. Enjoy a premium sound system, dual touchscreens, heated/ventilated seats, and a modern, tech-driven cabin.

Stand Out from the Crowd:

  • Embrace the future with a sleek, modern design that sets the REV apart from traditional trucks. Its hidden headlights and unique silhouette make a bold statement.

Exhilarating Performance:

  • Experience instant torque and electrifying acceleration with 654 horsepower and a top speed of 125 mph (Tungsten trim). The REV isn’t just practical, it’s fun to drive.

RAM 1500 REV Reviews and Ratings

SourceRating/VerdictKey Highlights
Car and DriverIntriguing but UnprovenPraises long range, powerful performance, and luxurious features. Raises concerns about higher price and limited availability.
MotorTrendA Truck Worth Waiting ForExcited about the REV’s potential, but emphasizes the need for more details and actual driving experience before a definitive verdict.
TechCrunchTech-Heavy Pickup Truck with Surprising Buttons and KnobsAppreciates the blend of modern tech and traditional controls, but questions the practicality of some features and the potential impact on user experience.
Kelley Blue Book3.8 out of 5 stars (based on predicted performance and features)Highlights long range, towing capacity, and luxurious options. Points out lack of real-world data for a definitive rating.
Edmunds78 out of 100 (based on predicted performance and features)Praises impressive specs and features, but acknowledges uncertainties like reliability and long-term running costs.


  • Q: What is the range of the RAM 1500 REV?
    • A: The standard battery offers an estimated 350 miles, while the optional large battery boasts up to 500 miles.
  • Q: How fast is the RAM 1500 REV?
    • A: All trim levels have 654 horsepower and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. The Tungsten trim reaches a top speed of 125 mph, while other trims top out at 118 mph.
  • Q: How much can the RAM 1500 REV tow?
    • A: Depending on the trim level, towing capacity ranges from 8,000 lbs to 14,000 lbs.
  • Q: What interior features does the RAM 1500 REV offer?
    • A: Features vary by trim level, but can include heated/ventilated seats, a panoramic sunroof, a 12-inch touchscreen, a 19-speaker Klipsch sound system, and adaptive cruise control.
  • Q: What advanced safety features are available?
    • A: Standard safety features include lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking. More advanced driver-assistance features, like hands-free driving, are available on higher trims.
  • Q: Does the RAM 1500 REV have a frunk?
    • A: Yes, all trim levels come with a standard powered frunk for additional storage space.
  • Q: When will the RAM 1500 REV be released?
    • A: The official launch is slated for late 2024.
  • Q: How much does the RAM 1500 REV cost?
    • A: The estimated starting price is $58,000, but the final price will vary depending on the chosen trim level and options.
  • Q: Can I pre-order the RAM 1500 REV?
    • A: As of October 26, 2023, pre-orders are not yet officially open. However, RAM offered a “REV Insider+” program during which enthusiasts could secure their place in line for an early pre-order opportunity.
  • Q: How reliable is the RAM 1500 REV?
    • A: Since it’s a new model, long-term reliability data is not yet available.
  • Q: What are the potential running costs of the RAM 1500 REV?
    • A: While electric trucks offer fuel savings, depending on electricity rates in your area, charging costs could potentially be higher than refueling a gas-powered truck.


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