5 or 7-Seater SUV: Which One to Choose?

That moment when you want that ride, sure, you got options. But, say you finally get to decide it’s the SUV and not MVPs or sedans there is ready work to be done. Which of these two is the option that seems practical, should you go for the smaller type or for the larger one? That’s how you come to the choice, between the 5-seater and the 6-seater type. Let’s see which one seems to be the practical choice among the two of these. 

1. Capacity

1.1 Seats

Now, let’s begin with the most obvious thing – seats. A 5-seat SUV is very basic with two rows, accommodating up to five people, including a driver. On the other hand, a 7-seater SUV has an additional third-row offering space for two more passengers.

1.2 Storage Space

However, tempting that extra row sounds, let us talk about its practicality. In addition to carrying more people, the third-row seats also fold flat to create more storage space. Quite handy when it comes to big items or playing superhero during family moves.

1.3 Efficiency & Versatility

Do you have an expanding family or team on the go? A 7-seater SUV serves this purpose as your people mover. It eliminates the need to squeeze into smaller cars or call-in extra taxis. Furthermore, if your crew involves furballs, that back area can also act as a pet zone.

1.3 You Have Options

All 7-seater SUVs are not created equal. From luxurious land cruisers to humble vans and sleek saloons, there is something for everyone’s taste. It is not just about huge families; even singles or couples needing additional room and flexibility have many choices.

 2. Fuel Efficiency

Now, let us involve ourselves with fuel, the fluid that oils your journey. Typically, 5-seater SUVs are more economical in terms of fuel consumption. It is unremarkable that the GAC MOTOR EMZOOM has a fuel efficiency rate of fewer than six liters per one hundred kilometers. Blame the fact that 7-seaters are heavy and large. 

The GAC MOTOR All New GS8 takes approximately thirteen liters per distance of one hundred kilometers. But get this- some 7-seaters like hybrids are rewriting the script on fuel efficiency. Worth seeing if gas mileage is your thing.

5 or 7-Seater SUV

3. Handling And Maneuverability

Imagine yourself navigating through a maze of city streets and parking lots. This is where compact and agile five-seater SUVs thrive. Conversely, seven-seaters, especially long-wheelbase ones, may require more space for turning and parking. If you are an urban warrior who spends much time in traffic jams, a 5-seater is a wise choice.

4. Cost And Value for Money

Let us get into numbers now. A five-seater SUV usually retails at cheaper prices than its seven-seat counterparts. Why? Extra engineering and materials are needed to accommodate that third-row seat. However, here’s what: think long-term, however. The seven-seater would be a smart gamble if you anticipate more travelers or have thrilling adventures expecting spaces.

5. Safety Features

There is no compromising safety. There are safety features in both 5-seater and 7-seater SUVs. However, when you look closer, some of the 7-seaters may have extra safety features for the third-row passengers. 

Think about the GAC MOTOR All New GS8 with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, child ISOFIX safety systems with side curtain airbags, rearview cameras and rear parking sensors. Look at this SUV model if you pay maximum attention to your safety.

6. Comfort and Amenities

Driving should be smooth sailing, right? GAC MOTOR All New GS8, like other five-seaters and seven-seater SUVs, crave it, but here is a kicker – what sets it apart 7-seaters from its counterparts is luxury added onto it. We discuss elegant and comfortable interior upholstery materials and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. It’s like a VIP lounge on wheels designed for big families or squads.

7. Resale Value

Are you selling your car in future? Seven-seater SUVS usually get better second-hand market demand than others. They are universally attractive thanks to their versatile nature throughout the wider population. Accordingly, selling it as second-hand value later on could be an advantage for a 7-seater.

8. Maintenance and Repairs

Now let’s talk about real issues of maintenance costs. The cost of maintaining and repairing a 7-seater SUV can be higher than expected for any other vehicle type. Additional seats mean additional components to control. Take into account these extra costs while making a budget.

9. Environmental Aspects

Are you an environmentalist at heart? Consider the earth’s rhythm. Usually, five-seater SUVs leave less carbon in the atmosphere and consume less fuel. But hold on; there’s a green twist – hybrid and electric 7-seaters are stepping up, offering eco-friendly options. Before you hit the road, explore your options.

10. Personal Preferences and Priorities

Let’s conclude with some real talk. You are in charge of your own life. Think about how you travel – your lifestyle, what your family needs, and where you’ll go next. Test drive both the five-seater and seven-seater to get their vibes. This is your road trip, so ensure you are behind the wheel.


Deciding between a 5-seater and a 7-seater SUV isn’t left to chance or luck; it is done deliberately. It’s about aligning your ride with your specific requirements. Therefore, if you are ready to rock and roll, check out our GAC MOTOR lineup.

Our experts are on site, ready to guide you toward choosing the perfect SUV for all your preferences. Visit our website now and see what awaits!


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