Tesla’s FSD Feature Steps in to Prevent Tragedy in Near-Miss Incident

Tesla owner Guri C recently shared a terrifying close call that was prevented thanks to Tesla’s autonomous driving features. According to Guri, the Full Self-Driving system was engaged but refused to accelerate through a green light.

Despite attempting to override the system by pressing the accelerator, the Model Y came to a complete stop just as a speeding car ran a red light in the intersection.

Guri credits the vehicle’s quick reaction time and reticence to proceed for averting a catastrophic collision. Discussions online highlighted Obstacle-Aware Acceleration and automated emergency braking as the key safety features that stopped the Tesla.

Tesla's FSD Feature Acts as Guardian Angel in Near-Miss Incident

These technologies apparently detected the impending danger seconds before it was visible and took action when the driver did not.

Many are applauding Tesla’s artificial intelligence and multilayered fail-safes that work constantly in the background to recognize potential accidents. This real-world example builds further confidence in autonomous systems’ ability to prevent crashes.

It also demonstrates the rapid advancement of self-driving technology.

While Tesla continues innovating safety, drivers still bear the responsibility to pay attention and take control when needed. However, this incident exemplifies how Tesla’s AI safeguards can step in as a guardian angel when split-second decisions mean the difference between life and death.

As Elon Musk works towards fully autonomous vehicles, these AI reactions provide a glimpse into a safer future on the road.

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